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How to throw a boomerang
Boomerang is a weapon therefore, please practice on a wide open area, where there are no other people around. It won't kill but it might hurt.
A cricket or football ground is ideal. Remember that the path of boomerang is hard to predict if you are not familiar with it.
Once you learn to manage flight of a boomerang, you will enjoy it.

Instructions are simple:
  • Hold boomerang in right hand almost vertically with arms pointing forward
  • Grip close to end with rounded side facing you
  • Throw at approximately 45-50o to the right of the wind direction using a flicking action having the boomerang return on your left side.
  • When throw hold the convex end behind your head and release it in a sweeping over the shoulder motion with a twist of the wrist before releasing it at your eye-height. This is part of the trick of making the boomerang return to the thrower.

how to throw a boomerang

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