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Frequently Asked Questions
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Is it secure?
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Is shopping on this site secure?

Yes, it is secure. We at Billabong Factor are accredited merchants with the Bank of South Australia and we do care about your privacy and security very seriously indeed:

  • All sensitive information you give us is SSL encrypted

  • Sensitive information (such as credit card details) is not sent by email. It's not send at all. 
    It is encrypted and stored on secure server for a short period of time. After verification it is deleted.

  • We do not keep customer's information on our computers. It is deleted after your order is complete. Therefore, even if our system is hacked your data is not there.

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What if shopping cart doesn't work?

If our shopping cart is not working on your computer, we apologize for inconvenience.
To fix the problem, please enable Java Scripts in your browser options.
If this doesn't help, you are welcome to to use one of the following options:

Option 1. To use our secure delivery form, visit
and follow simple instructions at "Option 1 - Secure Order".

Option 2. You are welcome to place order via email.
To make it secure send your card number in portions by 3-4 separate emails without
comments (for example, 1-4567; 2-3456; etc.).

Option 3. By fax: 61-2-8521-7623
We accept Master Card and Visa.
Required information:
Product (name, price, quantity)
Billing and Delivery address
Telephone number
Credit card number
Name on the card 
Expiry date

Option 4. By phone: 61-2-8521-7895
Please, consider time difference. We work from 10am till 5pm Sydney time.

Option 5. If you'd like us to call you, please email your telephone number and convenient time to call.

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Delivery Time Options and Charges

International Delivery

4-12 business days

Delivery 3-5 business days

  • All Boomerang Shack prices are including International Air mail delivery. 

  • EMS - International Courier is fast reliable and very competitive service. Charges start at $52, 1 kg - $62, 2 kg - $82, etc.
    Track your parcel from Australia Post site, or from USA Post - USPS

  • For shipments over 50 kg Air Cargo is another cost effective shipping service. Prices depends on the goods and destination and vary between $3 - $7 per kilogram.

  • Prices on this site are in US dollars

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Warranty of Quality

When you order from us you are protected by Australian Consumer Law. In every simple contract it implies following conditions:

  • The goods comply with description

  • Merchantable quality

  • Fit for purpose

If one of these conditions is not in place we will gladly replace the goods or will make a full refund at no cost to you

If we don't do it for your complete satisfaction, please contact Australian Fair Trading Department - they know how to make us feel bad.

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Design and Colors

Most of our solid wood boomerangs are hand painted by artists, so their design and colors vary. The items shown on the web site are giving general idea how different styles of boomerangs look like.  The boomerang you order will be similar to the shown one, but not exact copy of it.

If boomerang color or design (for example, kangaroo or lizard) are important to you, please specify that in comments field - we'll try to match your requirements, or if we don't have the right color (design) we will offer you available options.

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Return Policy

We will replace the goods or make full refund if:

the goods you've received are not merchantable quality, and if the goods are returned to us unused in original package by Economy Mail Service. If you decide that this is the case, please email us for the proper return address

We are not able to refund payment for the goods, if:

  • The goods arrived to you later than you would expect

  • You've changed your mind or your circumstances changed

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We apologize, we don't supply free samples. 

If you are a wholesale customer, please email us your inquiry that includes items of your interest and expected quantities. We will offer you our standard sample packages. They are not free, but if you become our regular customer we will deduct the cost of the samples from your 3-rd order.

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Printed Catalogue

Our current catalogue is available upon your email request. In a meantime, you are welcome to visit our online catalogue pages

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Wholesale Price

For many items, if you order few, we are able to offer you better price as we save on delivery and handling charges. For your convenience some items are offered with quantity options. If the quantity you need is different, please email us your inquiry.

Corporate gifts information is also available at

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Export Permits

Export permits are required for wholesale orders only for some products. 
Usually, we  can obtain all required export documentations within 10 working days.

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