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The Seven Sisters by Evelyn Kunda

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 Aboriginal Art Print The Seven Sisters
The Seven Sisters
by Evelyn Kunda

The Aborigines of Australia referred to the Plaiades, in Taurus the stellar bull, as the Seven Sisters, and depicted them as emu women. Universally, these are said to be half-sisters to the rainy Hyades. They held that one of the Plaiades sisters had been lost, probably Alcyone. They also associated them with the stars of Orion the Hunter whom the Greeks said was constantly in passionate persuit of them. The Aborigines probably knew the stars of Orion as Wurrunna and the Dingo Men. The more esoteric elements of ancient astronomy are now lost to us but there can be little doubt that, for the Aborigine, the lost Alcyone was some sort of measuring or umbilical cord: a veritable plumbline to the sun.

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