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Boomerang is a curved throwing stick used chiefly by the Australian Aborigines for hunting.Boomerang was first described in details and recorded as a "boumarang" in 1822. On the language of the Turuwal tribe of the George’s River (Sydney) ‘boomarang’ means a throwing stick that comes back.

It's not a boomerang if it doesn't return

Long before people learned how to fly they sent objects soaring through the air. The arrow dates from the Stone Age. The ancient Chinese flew kites. The early inhabitants of Australia invented the boomerang - one of the most remarkable weapons invented by primitive man.boomerang historyThe existence of boomerangs is considered possible within ancient Europe (Poland 16'000 BC, Germany 800-400 BC), Egypt, India, America, Middle East, but there is no proof that these throwing sticks had ability to come back to the thrower.

It is not a boomerang if it's not Australian

The existence of the real boomerang is restricted to the Eastern and Southern Australia. It was unknown to Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory, Tasmania, half of South Australia and the northern parts of Queensland and Western Australia.

boomerang geography

 Roughly 60% of Aboriginal people used both returning boomerangs and non-returning hunting sticks. The Central Australian peoples did not use returning boomerangs at all

Not all Aboriginal people knew how throw returning boomerang

Boomerangs are made of roughly V-shaped hard wood,  with arms slightly skewed, and the angle between the arms ranging from 90o to about 160o. Both edges are sharpened; one surface is flat, and the other slightly convex, so the boomerang blades are carved in the shape of an airfoil

 aboriginal art boomerang

Boomerangs are also works of art, and Aboriginals often paint or carve designs on them related to legends and traditions. In addition, boomerangs continue to be used in some religious ceremonies and are clapped together, or pounded on the ground, as accompaniment to songs.

How to throw boomerang

How to throw a boomerang
Boomerang is a weapon therefore, please practice on a wide open area, where there are no other people around. It won't kill but it might hurt.
A cricket or football ground is ideal. Remember that the path of boomerang is hard to predict if you are not familiar with it.
Once you learn to manage flight of a boomerang, you will enjoy it.

Instructions are simple:

  • Hold boomerang in right hand almost vertically with arms pointing forward

  • Grip close to end with rounded side facing you

  • Throw at approximately 45-50o to the right of the wind direction using a flicking action having the boomerang return on your left side.

  • When throw hold the convex end behind your head and release it in a sweeping over the shoulder motion with a twist of the wrist before releasing it at your eye-height. This is part of the trick of making the boomerang return to the thrower.

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