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Mulga wood killing boomerangs. Hand burnt by Kevin Nolan from Wiradjuri Land (NSW)

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20.5in and 16.5 in killing boomerangs. Hand burnt both sides
The length is tip to tip. It varies +/- 0.5 inch

These authentic killing boomerangs are made by Aboriginal craftsman Kevin Noolan of Wiradjuri Land. Heavy Mulga wood makes these boomerangs not only decorative items but effective weapon in trained hands.

While boomerangs of 20 and 16 inch sizes are proper killing boomerangs that could be successfully used for crow hunting, the smaller - Good Luck Gift - boomerangs (sizes 9 and 10.5 inch) are for ceremonies such as weddings, birth, etc., where they also could be used as music / clap sticks.

Mulga boomerangs are very hard to find boomerangs, especially these, hand burnt by Kevin in traditional Wiradjuri way.

10.5in and 9in killing boomerangs. Hand burnt single side
The length is tip to tip. It varies +/- 0.25 inch


Wedding boomerang - unique placecard
Wedding boomerang - unique placecard

9-inch wedding boomerang - truly Australian place card
personalized for each guest with newly weds names and date.
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